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Legislations - Lebanon

Legislations - Lebanon
E-transactions and Data Protection Law (Arabic)
Aerial Transfer Wires Creation Law (Arabic)
Budget Law 2019 (Arabic)
Arbitration Law (Arabic)
Civil Procedure Law (Arabic)
Accelerated Civil Procedures Law (Arabic)
Commercial Code (Arabic)
Law No. 126 Amendment of Lebanese Commercial Law (Arabic)
Constitution (Arabic)
Copyright Law (Arabic)
Environment Protection Law (Arabic)
E-transactions law Decree No.9341 (Arabic)
Orthodoxian Electoral Law Project (Arabic)
Habitat Institution Law (Arabic)
Holding regulation law.pdf (Arabic)
Illegitimate Enrichment Law (Arabic)
Inheritance & Will Law (Arabic)
Insurance Law (Arabic)
Investment encouragement Law (Arabic)
Labor Law (Arabic)
Labor Law Project 2011 (Arabic)
Lawyers Profession Regulation Law (Arabic)
Lease Law number 160-92 (Arabic)
Medical labs regulation Law (Arabic)
Municipalities Law (Arabic)
Mutual Funds Law (Arabic)
Mutual Funds Law Project (Arabic)
NGO Law (Arabic)
Obligations And Contracts Law (Arabic)
Offshore Companies Law (Arabic)
Offshore regulation reforms 2008 (Arabic)
Organization Of Joint Property In Build Real Estate Law (Arabic)
Patent Law (English)
Penal Proceedings Law (Arabic)
Press Law (Arabic)
Professors of Private Sector Law (Arabic)
Penal Law (Arabic)
Personal Status (Arabic)
Retirement statutes for private schools teachers Law (Arabic)
Salaries augmentation decree 2008 (Arabic)
Salary and lease augmentation modification 12 2008 (Arabic)
Tobacco Limitation Law (Arabic)
New Traffic Law (Arabic)
Women in laws (Arabic)
Written & oral tests guidelines for Beirut lawyers bar exams (Arabic)
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